To meet the needs of the global community, how must we act? What must we do?
At SANWA METAL INDUSTRY, our answer is to be a team that maximizes the potential
within each member and continually pursues the craftsmanship our customers desire.
With this belief firmly in mind, we are committed to challenge ourselves both now
and from this point forward.


“Building Genuine Trust”
This is our craft.

Our company boasts a 70 year history of manufacturing and craftsmanship.
While carefully listening to the ever-diversifying needs of our customers, we have continued to develop our technical skills under the motto of “craftsmanship our customers can trust.”
Aiming not only to fulfill our duties as Japan’s leading grease nipple manufacturer but also to continue being an indispensable company to both our clients and society in an increasing range of fields, we deliver our customers with the highest level of value and satisfaction.


Company Name Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Address Head Office 3-2-40 Miyakehigashi, Matsubara City, Osaka 580-0041, Japan
TEL +81-72-332-3377 FAX +81-72-333-6911
2nd Factory 6-1-5 Bessho, Matsubara City, Osaka 580-0005, Japan
3rd Factory 6-4-1 Hitotsuya, Matsubara City, Osaka 580-0003, Japan
Thai Subsidiary Sanwa Metal(Thailand)Co., Ltd.
304IP No.553 M007, Thatoom, Srimahaphot, Prachinburi 25140, Thailand
Founded August 15, 1945
Established Head Office December 27, 1947
Thai Subsidiary November 9, 2011
Capital Head Office \20,000,000
Thai Subsidiary THB 25,000,000
Annual Sales \1,800,000,000 (Stand-alone Sales for 2014)
Number of Employees Head Office 75
Thai Subsidiary 30 (as of September 2014)
Scope of Business The sale and production of grease nipples, brake-lining rivets, hydraulic/lubricant/pneumatic piping joints, hub bolts and nuts, automobile/specialized vehicle parts, construction machinery parts, machine tool parts, shipping vessel parts, and medical equipment parts



1945 Aug Sakae Kitayama began producing parts for motors and shipping vessels in Bessho-cho, Matsubara City
1947 Dec Sakae Kitayama established Sanwa Metal Industry L.C. (Capital \180,000)
1949 Sep Began production of grease nipples
1959 Dec Established the current main factory (approx. 3,000m2) at 3-2-40 Miyakehigashi, Matsubara City
1965 Mar Increased capital to \5,180,000
1971 Feb Increased capital to \10,000,000
Mar Ryoichi Kitayama took over the position of representative director
Dec Moved the Head Office to its current location at 3-2-40 Miyakehigashi, Matsubara City
1972 Oct Began production of brake lining rivets
1975 Feb Established the current second factory (approx. 1,800m2) at 6-1-5 Bessho, Matsubara City
Sep Increased capital to \20,000,000
1982 Jun Expanded the site area for the main factory and erected D Building
1986 Jun Reconstructed A and B Buildings of the main factory
Sep Introduced CNC lathes
1990 Dec Established the current third factory at 6-4-1 Hitotsuya, Matsubara City
1996 Mar Reorganized as Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
2000 Jul Yoshimori Kitayama took over the position of representative director
2004 May Reconstructed C Building of the main factory
Dec Acquired ISO9001:2000 certification
2011 Nov Established the Thai subsidiary Sanwa Metal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2012 Oct Sanwa Metal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. erected its factory (approx. 7,000m2) at Thailand’s 304 Industrial Park and began operations


Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

3-2-40 Miyakehigashi, Matsubara City, Osaka 580-0041, Japan
TEL +81-72-332-3377 / FAX +81-72-333-6911