• Our independent departments continually work to achieve the 5 functions (sales, engineering, production, quality assurance, and management) required of successful manufacturers.
  • Through the mutual cooperation of each department, Team SANWA is able to use its combined, overall strength to meet the needs of its customers.


  • Utilizing our Thai subsidiary, we are able to
    satisfy customer demand for local procurement.
  • With an in-house system for international trade,
    we have dealt directly with our Southeast Asian customers
    over the past 20 years.

Interview with the
Thai Plant Manager
Overseas Development


  • Employing the technical skill of our machinists and the latest equipment and facilities, we are able to realize a level of machining one rank above the rest.
  • By linking up with the various contract manufacturers we have cultivated over the years, we are able to respond comprehensively to a variety of processing styles (Lathe Turning, Milling, Peterman Lathe Processing, Thermal/Surface Treatment etc.).

Traditional Technologies and Cutting-edge Equipment